The who, what and why

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Spenser Solys (Scub3d)

Doer of things, "hacker" of stuffs. Check out some of my other projects on Devpost and YouTube!

Chaitu Dandu

Chaitu was part of the team from SpartaHacks and he mostly worked on the Alexa Skill. He's helping me make the new Skill using this API.

Another Name Here!!!

Make a pull request, be cool like this Samurai dude (left of me). Also thanks to Chinchalupa for helping me fix the website design


This idea came about from my SpartaHacks 2016 hack. Part of it was an Amazon Alexa skill that allowed a user to ask about eSports in a similar manner to regular sports. Once I've got at least one eSport done (for the API), I'll be starting on an Alexa skill for this API!


The main reason for this site/API, is that I was frusturated with how hard it was to find eSports data without resorting to webscraping. For our Amazon Alexa skill, we had to scrape 3 different websites just to get a decent amount of data for a couple eSports.

Supported eSports


I will attempt to also support the following: